A Seat at the Table

by Solange Knowles

Praise for A Seat at the Table by Solange Knowles:

Scrolling through the book online, even robbed of the ability to flip through physical pages, the famously independent singer-songwriter’s vision shines through. Every white space, lyrical turn, and aesthetic decision feels deliberate. As is the case with the best, long-awaited works, one immediately understands that the artist has taken exactly as much time as they needed—not one year more, nor one second less. This creative control extends to the accompanying album, a 21-track experience that Solange has described as “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief, and healing.”

- Amy Zimmerman, Daily Beast

Portrait of an Artist

by Hugo Huerta-Marin

Praise for Portrait of an Artist by Hugo Huerta Marin:

A fascinating group of interviews with major women artists from around the world, Hugo Huerta Marin’s thoughtful Portrait of an Artist explores in an intimate and compelling way each artist’s practice and beliefs about power, celebrity, gender, and art. Huerta Marin puts himself on the line to embrace the power of these amazons of the art world. From radical feminist activists to conceptualists, sculptors to installation and performance artists, the work and ideas of these radical women represent the full range of contemporary art. Replete with numerous images and a “portrait” of each artist based on her lock of hair, Portrait of an Artist proves the absolute centrality of women’s practices to visual culture today.

- Amelia Jones, American art historian, art critic and curator

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Scorpion Dagger: Do You Like Relaxing?

by James Kerr

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Glossed Over & Tucked Up

by Frances Adair McKenzie

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5443 The Book

by 5443 Productions

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